Resnyansky Dmitry is the inspirer of this project and the project manager:

“I’m 40 years old and I was born in Moscow, Russia. I worked in restaurant business for about 20 years. I started as a waiter and became a project manager. For many years I was responsible restaurant conception development, projects calculation and evaluation, negotiations with investors, participation in restaurants, bars and night clubs projecting. I also controlled all stages of construction, managed equipment purchasing, got permissions. I recruited staff, trained personnel and prepared the opening. I also coordinated startups until they reach the target financial figures and pass the breakeven point. After that I started developing the new one.

In 2005 me and my friend founded the company “Restroy” in Moscow. We consulted restaurants and found investors for projects. We started up more than 25 restaurants, cafes, night clubs in Moscow and other Russian cities.

In 2015 I moved to Switzerland, Bern. I founded the company “RESNYANSKIY DESIGN” and started restaurants designing. Also all this time I’ve been working in different restaurants in order to understand  local peculiarities. I have the residence permit “C” and can work legally in Switzerland.

In 2016 I spent one month in an Indian ashram and I practiced yoga with a local Guru. And we philosophized a lot. At that time I got an idea of such Center in Switzerland.

I got interested in psychology and human energy interactions. I graduated from psychosomatic & hypnoses course. I learned how to hypnotize people and find the causes of their problems. I learned how to set positive mindset and people observed changes after that. I was inspired to develop special courses which will help people to reengineer their mind and build better future. 

I worked out the unique concept which is described in this document. And I believe that we’ve chosen the right time, the right place and the right concept for great success. And this is just the beginning. Although this part of the big plan will be fruitful for both investors and our clients».

Dmitry Resnyanskiy


Mila Vasich or Mila Goldmund was born on the 11th of January in 1980 in Tyrol, she is originally from Romania/Serbia and she moved to Switzerland in 1990. Now she lives also in Bern.

Mila Goldmud: «Even my early childhood people came to me and ask for help, advice or support. I didn’t reveal my abilities and disclose them as professional skills for ages but helped people who suffered from blocks or were affected by otherworldly energy.

In 2013 I decided to practice as a psychological coach and soon I realized that I was not just a trainer, I had got some powers from my grandmother. I could develop human powers which had been absolutely forgotten by people. It’s an inseparable and very important part of my work.

I support people in any situation wherever they are, both children, teenagers and adults.

There is the newest form of spirituality which finds the middle ground between heavens and earth.

I create the healthy connection between possible and impossible accompanying people during my practices. Combining mental and spiritual powers I work with subconscious, mind and energies, so that people can break out of their blockages and harmful, destructive programming.

Every time I work with divine energy. This is our source of origin. Many people on the Earth have forgotten about this source which help us to find the way back to the Creator. 

Mila Goldmund