To be the core place both for people who teach and for people who study the best practices for personal transformation.

According to statistics 90% of people suffer from neurasthenia, morbid mental state characterized by fatigue, weakness, low performance and irritability. A person gets tired quickly, can’t focus attention, and even long rest doesn’t help. Most people are in such state in Switzerland now. Permanent stress at work (where a person can’t splash out his or her negative energy) flows to home and negative energy is being accumulated everyday as a big clump. A protective reflex starts working and depression comes. But such problems might be solved and each person’s life might be relieved. One needs just recognize and work out new instinct for better life. And it is the main goal of our Center.

Environment, our courses, understanding of how our mind works – all these will help people to solve their above mention problems. Our courses are divided into several levels in accordance with mental and emotional level of a person. And it will take from several days up to several weeks in our Center to solve the problems. Each situation is unique. But just imagine, that for several days you are fully being disconnected from any external stimuli and start learning to respond to all situations in a different way. Healthy food, meditations, yoga, place & special building energy – everything helps you on cell level. Then you program your new response to stress situations in the future. And you will start respond differently. 

Why our Center is better than clinics or psychologists? Because visit to clinic & psychologist means that you are sick and you need drags to feel the improvement. Drugs will just suppress the symptoms, but the problem will not have gone. And you’ll come back home with it. And when a stress situation appears you will react in the old way, because you it is the only response you know. It is like a circle: problem – clinic – drugs – problem.

Our Center is not a clinic. It’s a place for vacation first of all and your attitude is appropriate. You get into comfortable room and there’re no doctors, no drugs, no medical equipment in our Center. You disconnect from all external stimuli by means of healthy food, yoga, floating, meditating in a special building. You learn how your body works, how your energy circulates. After lectures you practice sumbulic state plunging. And you find a reason why your organism have worked out such a protective respond to the stress, and you finally recognize your reaction, clearly understand why it appeared and go through it. Then you program a new and positive response. Once all this is done, your body and mind will react in a different way to a painful situation in the future. Because you have taught yourself how to change it. And no drugs or expensive treatment are needed. To solve any problem is a simple thing if you control yourself. 


There are more than 20 different courses in the Center. And all of them are interconnected.

The main courses are:

  • 7 day purification course: body and mental purification. 1410 CHF per person (accommodation, meal)

  • 7 day anti-stress course: you will be disconnected from everything that bothers you, work out the situation and get knowledge who to behave in stress situations in the future. 1410 CHF per person (accommodation, meal)

  • 3 day yoga course for beginners. 590 CHF per person (accommodation, meal)

  • 7 day karma programs: how to overcome the blocks and go further without blocks and negative programs and beliefs. 1410 CHF per person (accommodation, meal)

  • 7 day future design program: you will get the detailed plan of how to change your future, think positively and manage your intention. 1410 CHF per person (accommodation, meal)


We strongly recommend our guests to take these 5 courses since they should be prepared for further transformation.

One of the motivation factors to take the course is the location of the Center, its energy, conditions and entire environment: the meditation building, pyramid building, healthy food, yoga class, floating center and other.

Our center is a mental fitness with necessary training equipment for effective practice. We created this place in order you can plunge into your inner world and abstract from external influences.


Mental training is considered to be the most stable and effective method at present. And it is based on the latest neurological data. unlike a psychiatrist a coach does not prescribe treatment and give advice. A mental trainer accompanies the client and asks for help for self-care.

Matrix Meditation Course:

Just imagine that the Matrix is not such unreal as it is supposed to be. What if you really can travel anywhere? We just go to the same place and meet there. In the jungle? On the beach in Greece? In Asia?

Without any equipment just using our brains we can travel through measurements and times and study parallel worlds.

Matrix mediation is very rare meditation, few people know about it. And there’ re no official proposals in the market. There’re strict requirements: only odd number of participants and not more than 9. Brief preliminary interview with each participant is needed for good preparation and selection.

Mediation goals:

• expand our awareness

• mental enrichment

• deep relaxation

• exclusive experience

• vision power disclosure

• «remote view»


Our prices are quite affordable in order to attract more quests to our Center.

Bed & breakfast in a four-bed room is 80 CHF per person.

130 CHF per person in a double room (including breakfast).

The cost of a one-week course with accommodation in a four-bed room and 3 times meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) starts from 1410 CHF per person.